Reclaimed Metal Artist

Transforming metal

Creating beautiful and magnificent works of art using reclaimed metal. 

Inspirations born from pleasure, born from pain, as gifts they come, one and the same.

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About my art

Outdoor Art

Outdoor art can be anything from a sign on the front of your house to an entry on your ranch. I have designed many custom pieces that will add beauty to your property for years to come.

Commercial Art

An elegant way to touch up that office, reception area, or the outside of your corporate building. My commercial pieces will speak to the decor of your office space and company.

Green Art

For the most part, all my pieces are made from recycled materials. I find various materials at junk yards, on the side of the road that I draw inspiration from. This catagory showcases many such creations.


I strive to achieve the quality of upscaled, functional furniture mainly from reclaimed materials. Many times a piece of equipment or bent bar is exactly the shape I need or find most of interest in my designs.

14 foot horse created out of over a mile of barbed wire and 16 foot Banjo rising from a ring of fire created for the Mountain Home Country Music Festival.

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