Green Art

My Art is often inspired through my attraction to discarded items. When something has been used extensively it tells a story and acquires the personality of its user. The more damaged by age and wear, the deeper the connection and inspiration I find.

Though I often use patinas and other methods to enhance my creations, there is nothing like the corrosion and color that naturally happens from use and elements. I often create an entire collection from old cars, farm equipment, tools and miscellaneous found pieces.

The inspiration for many of this years’ shows came from a collection of plow discs. Before cleaning each piece, I studied the patterns of rust that had developed and followed these patterns throughout the design. These organic shapes are unique to each piece, much like petroglyphic patterns found in clouds, shells, rocks, etc.

I am thankful for the opportunity to share each pieces visual story and view much of my art as Green Art.

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if you have questions or interest in a custom piece.

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